What I love about my Job

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I love my job. I can say this fully knowing that its not always peaches and cream!  This is what makes it interesting. Being a Hypnotherapist is extremely rewarding for me. To be able to help another person or group of people uncover, enhance and restore parts of themselves or repair a life is a great experience to be a witness to. More often then not people want to change and that makes my job all the easier.  Usually when they get to my practice they are ready for a change.

I am not here to fix or change another person, yet I am here to offer a place to unfold and come to healthy conclusions on how to proceed away or move ahead in health and wholeness.  Its exciting to see a light go on in a persons eyes when relief of a long term problem can be remedied.

When days are long and things are misunderstood or just not quite coming together I stop and say out loud in my office…”Remember it’s a practice”….

AnastasiaWhat I love about my Job

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