What I love about my Job

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I love my job. I can say this fully knowing that its not always peaches and cream!  This is what makes it interesting. Being a Hypnotherapist is extremely rewarding for me. To be able to help another person or group of people uncover, enhance and restore parts of themselves or repair a life is a great experience to be a witness to. More often then not people want to change and that makes my job all the easier.  Usually when they get to my practice they are ready for a change.

I am not here to fix or change another person, yet I am here to offer a place to unfold and come to healthy conclusions on how to proceed away or move ahead in health and wholeness.  Its exciting to see a light go on in a persons eyes when relief of a long term problem can be remedied.

When days are long and things are misunderstood or just not quite coming together I stop and say out loud in my office…”Remember it’s a practice”….

AnastasiaWhat I love about my Job
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In the Beginning

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I was in my office the other day and I got a wonderful jewel from a client. She said to me “It’s not how you start out in life its how you finish”… That has been ringing in my ears for quite sometime now.

Realizing that we are all closer to a “finish line”  with each passing day no matter how old we are is a good thing to remember.  So my question to myself today is this: Did I live a transparent life? Have I remembered to forgive others and forgive myself for being human and fallible? Did I use my resources to the best and highest good for me and my family?  Have I given to the less fortunate? Have I had a good laugh through out the day at some absurd antic of mankind (me included!) And last but not least, did I listen to the divine in my daily prayer life?

These are simple yet very important things to remember in our daily lives.  When I forget these simple “del Vecchio” rules of how to have a successful life, all confusion breaks loose. I begin to second guess myself and that is not a very good way of living a transparent and peaceful life.  So anyone who is reading this blog, check yourselves and keep it simple. Not all of us will have the same rules but I would like to encourage you  make the time to laugh! Daily!  There is no better release then laughter.

What makes you laugh?

AnastasiaIn the Beginning
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