Experience the Joy of Change

“Sacred Mists have been a wonderful tool I use in my practice. Wanting to give my clients something to hold on to in the physical world, I took the science of olfactory connection to memory and created these energetic mists to help my clients anchor to a brighter and more positive outcome.

So many of us are stressed and “out of body” it is difficult to stay present without some kind of tool. With my herbal background it was natural to create Sacred Mists to experience the Joy of Change.

My hope is that you will be inspired to use these Sacred Mist both for your personal and professional use.  Start on your Blessed Way and experience a Calm Spirit while taking the time to enjoy the Sacred Path.  When you have meandered your way through your experience, you will come to the Golden Joy of your life. Sacred Mists, experience the Joy of Change!”

-Anastasia del Vecchio, Founder of Sacred Mist

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Blessed Way

Blessed Way is for heart and hormones. “I have seen this Mist change a women’s emotional state immediately.” Use this mist to support inner personal strength.


Calm Spirit

Calm Spirit is so important for meditation and settling within one’s inner sanctuary. Use this to find focus and inner calm. Also use as an antiviral and to help with cold and flu relief.


Sacred Path

Sacred Path used daily will help to balance the chakras. It ignites attention to the soul and connects one to Spirit so humility can be found.


Golden Joy

Golden Joy is for people who suffer depression or need to change their attitudes quickly! It wakes you up and helps you MOVE. Helps you get through those gloomy days.

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