GERMDAR: The Art of Social Distancing

Is an awareness of those around you and how you can affect the world at large by following the simple steps below:

  • Wash your hands with soap several times a day
  • Please stay home until we have flattened the curve
  • By all means contact family and friends by social media.
  • If you have to leave the house please wear a mask and gloves
  • Drink plenty of water and catch up on your sleep.
  • Be kind to one another and pray for peace and health for all        

                                  Do not Panic and keep Calm

Handmade Masks

Currently accepting orders for my “perfect not so perfect” cotton masks.

Each mask is made for you to put in a filter of your choice. Be creative use a paper towel, coffee filter, flannel, hepa filters.These masks are not to be confused with the n95 that the front line is needing and using around the clock. These can be cleaned by boiling in hot water and then put in a hot dryer or line dry. I suggest you re-press them again and continue to reuse. Fabric has been pre-washed so they will not shrink. (Please dispose of your filters after each use to insure safety).

If your mask is too large tack the sides with thread or tie the elastic in a knot or take another tuck…Know that I have been sheltered in place more then most and i’m a total “Germdar” girl and follow the above protocol daily. God bless you and keep you and may his face shine upon us and grant our world peace…. Sincerely, Anastasia +


I also have a 99% microbial free hand sanitizer that has been tested from our own Santa Cruz labs here in California.

Once I figure out how to do a reasonable production so it won’t cost us all a fortune… I will put it out for sale.

To order your mask, please call: 831-335-8208

Dominica SchaafGERMDAR